TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

Yum! Healthy peanut butter chocolate bars

Cookbook author Reed Alexander shows how you can make healthy Vietnamese summer rolls and peanut butter chocolate chip bars.

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>> i feel like reed alexander has grown up with us. his book cooke has fun recipes your kids can help you make in the kitchen.

>> thank you for having me.

>> we've got jazzed-up back to school lunch . are you excited and hungry? reinventing the traditional wrap. rice paper into warm water. dunk these. we want it to become pliable.

>> it's not warm.

>> we've got some remade for tasting. kids are going to love to do this at home because ahead of time you can do this the night before. set up your favorite toppings. we have all fresh veggies here.

>> awesome.

>> cilantro. it's all fresh and easy . like a salad in a roll. roll these up tightly.

>> did you put shrimp in there, hoda?

>> yes, i did some protein to keep them satisfied. give it a test drive. take a taste with the oriental dipping sauce, lemongrass, ginger. do you like to take out chinese? this is at home. it's really easy. it's so much lighter. it's fresh. it's with sesame seeds , canola oil, it's fresh.

>> i love that.

>> delicious, right?

>> awesome.

>> i'm so glad. let's bring that back here. it's totally portable. peanut butter chocolate cookie bars . cross between a candy bar and cookie cake . i'll turn on our mixer. we've got our wet ingredients. whole wheat flour , white flour , espresso powder, salt and baking powder . incorporate this. very well done. you're such a pro chef. you're learning. then you incorporate. you can add if you want. 350 degrees, 35 minutes. peanut butter chips and chocolate chips .

>> why are those bet are for you?

>> i cut back on the saturated fat with peanut butter , lightened it up with egg white , whole wheat flour . you are getting an indulgent treat.

>> homemade take on an energy bar .

>> now that you're here as a student in new york, you have to come back and see us much more often.

>> i would be honored.

>> tomorrow, "hot in cleveland" star valerie bertinelli is with us.

>> and the 90-year-old love birds sweeping the nation in the swiffer commercial.

>> this is awesome.

>> i'm so thrilled.

>> it tastes like a reese's cup.