TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

Bobbie’s flattering tips for long legs, short torso

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas explains how you should consider the length of your legs and torso when selecting styles and shows off outfits for people with varying proportions.

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>> author of "the power style" says there is no better way to figure out your figure with tape.

>> instead of worrying about the 3-d body shape , look at your proportions. this is body blocking. this is the x-factor in my book. something you and i talked about is your torso. torso says your body shape . my hip bones start here. let's see celebrity silhouettes. we have pictures of three celebrities i traced. you'll notice they are all about the same size but their stomachs, their torso sections have different lengths. hoda, you would think a balanced torso like myself is ideal. it's not. a short torso and long legs is what our society holds up there, models, mannequins.

>> i don't think anything ever fits right when you have a short torso.

>> belts don't.

>> this is exactly why we are doing this segment before fall shopping. if you want to figure out what you are at home. we have a graphic so you can check out what you have. it's about where your rib cage and pelvis have that gap. some of us have more space if you have a long torso. if you're short, you're barely going to get your hands in between your ribs and hip bone . if you're balanced like me, you'll get in between your ribs and hip bone , one hand. if you get more hands, you're longer. hoda, you can probably only get a few fingers in there. what i wanted to show you is we have a graphic that you're our star in. someone with a short torso. tips when you go shopping is about where you cut yourself off. you want to make sure even though ideally you want those long legs, avoid tucking in tops. let it hang out. also for you, which i can't imagine ever doing, cropped pants and showing an ankle strap or something is good because it will actually crop your legs and balance you out.

>> why would you want to balance your long, gorgeous legs? she's got the legs everybody wants.

>> it's all about balance. if you have a long torso. that's a great thing sometimes. you can play around with accessories. something you should see in this graphic, maggie in my office. again, she is the opposite where you really don't want to leave something untucked. you want to tuck it in to elongate the legs. hoda, a trick for you is just using a belt like you see on this mannequin. cheat the belt so it is a lower hip belt. like what you're doing today is great. you have a really thin belt. that thin belt is great. kathie, i don't leave you out. i have a graphic of you, as well. even if you're balanced, you want to be careful of fashions you see this fall that are shape-shifting. your boots. there are a lot of longer boots. be careful. you want to make sure you elongate your leg by getting it at the point underneath your knee unless you have longer legs, then a taller boot. hoda, you would do well with the longer boot.

>> i photo shopped you.

>> i like that whole outfit.

>> i do, too.

>> i don't look anywhere near my age.

>> not at all.

>> we love our bobbie girl.

>> thank you.

>> this past weekend went to poughkeepsie.

>> yes, she did.