TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

9 award-winning makeup items for eyes, face

Siobhan O’Connor from Prevention magazine shows Kathie Lee and Hoda nine of the winning makeup products from the magazine’s beauty awards, including the best concealers, primers and foundation.

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>> here to reveal the annual beauty award winners is shoban o'connor.

>> that means these are science-backed and deliver results. first category is concealer. it's a tie. the first is a crayon which is great for precision.

>> never used one of those.

>> from loreal paris. costs $8.

>> it's creamy.

>> feel this. look at that.

>> what is the other one?

>> from dr. perricone, great for under eye, it doesn't cake and creases which for eye concealer is key. you dab it on.

>> good.

>> next up we have primer. this is your essential base coat if you don't have slip and slide face. this is from sonja and it contains an ingredient called nylon 12 which absorbs oil throughout the day.

>> like a drug store or something?

>> it's available at target.

>> widely available, there you go.

>> as for foundation, it was b.b. cream, beauty balm from tarte. it feels like you have nothing on at all, but you're getting spf 30.

>> this is a foundation.

>> feel how light that is. it's like nothing is there.

>> better than butter.

>> that's too light for you.

>> in the blush category, the winner was from elizabeth arden . this is a beautiful blush. it's mineral based. it's very easy to blend into your skin.

>> more people like the mineral stuff. they don't like putting any creamy or oily stuff on your face.

>> it stands up to sweat.

>> best mascara. what is it?

>> this is your desert island staple. check out that wand. this is widely available and it's a great product. it goes on column-free. you won't have raccoon eyes by noon.

>> rocket volume. i like it.

>> next one.

>> we found the holy grail of nail care. once you've applied your top coat and dried for a couple of minutes, put these on. these drops will mean the difference between your manicure drying in 10, 30 minutes or two to five.

>> that is crazy.

>> it's great.

>> sally hansen dry and go. this is an eye liner that goes on really clean and smooth.

>> you look good, girl.

>> the line isn't too harsh. it's goof proof. the formula lasts.

>> soften that line or you will look older than you are.

>> last but not least. these are from bare minerals. it goes on and feels almost like a gloss but the pigment is quite bright.