TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

USB humidifier among greatest fall gizmos

Tech expert Katie Linendoll shows off some great seasonal gadgets like an iPhone mirror case and a USB humidifier and lamp.

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>>> if you're like me you probably thought if i could get a pair of smart pajamas or light up hoodie.

>> absolutely. she has the gear for us. we want to check it out. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> this is neat stuff.

>> yes.

>> why didn't i think of this or why did i think of this?

>> we have gems today. let's start in wearable technology . wearable technology for kids. jack here is modeling smart pjs. the world's first interactive pajamas. there's 47 dots on them. all you do is scan a dot and what's really cool is there's two free apps that come with it. you scan it and then each sequence of dots tells a different story.

>> wow.

>> so you can tell fairy tales and different animals. they're 1 to 9 and 30 dollars and cool for kids.

>> thanks jack, you're the coolest, man.

>> now, the dead bolt, digital.

>> let's talk about safety and security for the modern day parent. what's awesome is this is a touch screen digital deadbolt. you're you can have up to 30 different codes so kids don't have to worry about losiing keys again but there's an apartment building -- an app with with it and you can see who is coming and going.

>> if you give your 8-year-old the code it will let you know it's home.

>> exactly. what is awesome is you can see willie is coming in the door or al is coming in the door or unlock it for them. safety and security for the modern day parent.

>> you're at the concerts and people are blocking your view with the ipad.

>> you're like that does not look cool. so i love this for back to school. this is mirror case. what's awesome is you can sit at lectures and when there's a presentation you can record horizontally using the ipad. it takes photo and video and will compress it so the file isn't too large but you don't have to stand here.

>> there's a mirror.

>> yeah, in that rear facing camera of your ipad so awesome for office or for back to school.

>> you don't even have to hold it up. keep it on the desk. and you can take notes in here and turn it into a pdf file . lots of little options for back to school.

>> it's a mirror.

>> it say mirror.

>> usd powered humidifier.

>> this is actually a humidifier. you plug this right into a usb device. pop this top on a water bottle and you have a portable usb. the same option here, this is an instalamp. you put this little lamp on a liquor bottle or water bottle .

>> the crew perked up. they were catatonic before this.

>> i love this.

>> great.

>> i'd rather be fishing for marsh medicma marshmallo marshmallows. you can roast them 360 degrees. you have hot dogs on here and marshmallows on here and comes with an entire fishing pole set.

>> and last --

>> let's throw snacks in the bowl. anyone that is a parent of a toddler. this is a toddler bowl and as you can see here it's nearly spill proof. you can move it around it anyway.

>> we want to get to the hoodie.

>> right up hoodie to go ahead and put these on.

>> let's bring in google boy.

>> electric hoodies from electric

>> and last but not least this is google trekker technology. a lot of people are familiar with google street view . the car that has the cameras on it. this gets you inside caves, the grand canyon . 15 different cameras in here. and this is what you're getting when you turn to google maps .

>> or in mat's case his mom's room in his basement.

>> wow, harsh.

>> katie, thank you so much. find out more about these