TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

BRB: The return of the away message

Gone are the days of missed calls and voicemails! A new smartphone app allows users to set a timer that informs people when and for how long they’ll be away from their phones. The alert is broadcasted through social media, which the TODAY anchors find a bit excessive.

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>> that perhaps overkill. we have reached overkill.

>> beyond overkill.

>> this is the brb app as in be right back. it allows users to set a timer to show how long they will be away from their phones and broadcast the message to their friends letting them know a checked out for awhile. i'll be back.

>> i am so important and so necessary to your life that i don't want you to panic and cause rioting in the streets that i will be back.

>> i just stepped into the situation room to fix syria.

>> who put this together?

>> i guess it's people who are so electronically inclined that they're always tweeting and texting their friends.

>> where are you? i haven't heard from you in two seconds? you haven't tweeted. i worry about you all the time when you're on vacation and you don't tweet.

>> why don't you tweet?

>> it's called vacation. and here's the thing. people expect that you instantly respond. guess what, you don't get everything you want when you want it. that's the way it works.

>> i'll put you down as a no.

>> no.

>> no brb app.

>> we don't need an app