TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

Record-breaking 727-lb. alligator captured

On Sunday, the record for heaviest alligator in Mississippi was broken twice in the same hour. The first monster gator weighed in at 725.5 pounds, but 60 minutes, later another was recorded at 727 pounds.

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>> need a bigger boat. only a few days into mississippi's alligator hunting season and the folks made a record breaking catch. you have to check this out. one group snaring this monster. 727 pounds measuring almost 13 1/2 feet. they chased him for two hours and another another four to get him in the boat. it was two inches shy of the record length but record weight.

>> they had to get a second boat to carry it back to shore. look at it.

>> we have a picture. take a look. oh, we don't have it now.

>> okay. just imagine in your