TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

Downton Abbey trailer teases new characters

The first full trailer for the new season of “Downton Abbey” was released on Saturday, creating a buzz among fans online. The season premiere of the British drama series is Jan. 5 on PBS.

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>> trending on, welcome back, downton abby, the premiere of the drama is months away but we're getting our first look at the new season.

>> you have a straightforward choice. you must choose death or life.

>> you think i should choose life ?

>> i am freaking out. you must choose death or life. guys.

>> how about rg3?

>> choose life or death?

>> i hear it sounds great.

>> season 4 premieres on cbs in january. you can see the full trailer again and again and again on

>> it's a great show.

>> deborah loves this.

>> it's such a great show. you should watch it.