TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

Vanity Fair celebrates 100 years of celeb icons

The popular magazine is celebrating its 100th anniversary of showcasing high-profile celebrities like Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna as well as publishing hard-hitting news features. NBC’s Tamron Hall reports.

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>> some of the magazine's most memorable imagines and stories. good to see you.

>> good morning. the memories. kate upton is featured on the october issue but over the last century vanity fair has had everything from hollywood to of course politics. in many ways it's actually defined the era.

>> reporter: vanity fair has been around for a century. perhaps the first magazine of it's kind. from the hollywood elite to the news makers of the moment.

>> kate upton was a perfect cover choice for the 100th anniversary . he she's the girl at the moment and totally modern but yet a throw back.

>> kate upton is one of many it girls that graced the cover of the magazine.

>> anne lee woods who shot so many memorable covers for vanity fair was the only person for this job. this shoot was an absolute blast. kate upton is wild and fun and just dancing around like crazy on set. it was just fantastic. vanity fair 's first cover in 1913 had an illustration of a woman sitting on a crescent moon and we recreated that with kate upton .

>> and the special anniversary issue includes essays about each decade.

>> we decided as a companion to the decades essays in the magazine that we would hire directors to direct ten short films in the same vain.

>> back in 1980 when i was running for president, it was all so different.

>> and bryce howard directed this film about the 60s.

>> free love.

>> malcolm x .

>> the freedom writers .

>> peace.

>> vanity fair is one of the few magazines that can put these giant stars from the mid-century on our cover and get away with it.

>> pop icons who have been featured now but not then. vanity fair wasn't around in the 50s and 60s.

>> in 1936 we took an extended leave of absence until 1983 when we came back.

>> and it's come a long way since with some of the most dramatic and celebrated imagines. in 1991 demi moore appeared on the cover like this.

>> the demi moore pregnant cover is one of the most iconic ever and then demi after she had the baby appeared on the cover in nothing but body paint.

>> madonna has been on the cover more times than anyone. one of our biggest gets was a post-brad break up interview with jennifer anniston and that was the best selling cover ever. also the annual hollywood issue and our covers of sometimes emerging stars and sometimes established stars.

>> it maybe star studded but go inside and you'll get the scoop on everything from politics and the economy to the royals and this story revealed ayman behind deep throat.

>> when vanity first started in 1913 it was a place to tell the story of the age. and i think that's something 100 years later we still do.

>> they're done a great job, the a-list hollywood inside story as well as mention the politics. it's an incredible journey for the magazine.

>> it is. and congratulations to braden carter who has over seen that.

>> are you trying to get us --