TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

’50 Shades of Grey’ movie casting spurs controversy

Vigorous debate on the Web followed the revelation that the two lead actors for the upcoming film version of erotic best-seller “50 Shades of Grey” have been selected: Charlie Hunnam of “Sons of Anarchy” and Dakota Johnson, daughter of actors Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith.

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>> a major casting decision has a lot of people talking and arguing. the lead roles in the movie version of 50 shades of grey have been announced. mara has details.

>> good morning. author e.l. james broke the news on twitter. the roles of anastasia steele and christian grey have been announced. they are the coveted roles that had hollywood talking and now the secret is out. e.l. james tweeting over the weekend that dakota johnson , daughter of don johnson has been tapped to play anastasia steele. christian grey is charlie hunnam . not marquee names yet.

>> people have the ideas of what the stars bring to the role where now you can get some that are going to feel fresh and new to the readers of the book.

>> it took the publishing world by storm in 2012 selling more than 70 million copies as women everywhere tore through the steamy series.

>> christian grey has to be profoundly irresistibly sexy.

>> the question of who would play the characters has been debated endlessly online. some even creating fake trailers starring their favorite actors.

>> this probably wouldn't have been what i expected. to me, he looks a little too grudgey.

>> so far reaction to the announcement has been mixed at best. all par for the course when it comes to a dedicated group of passionate fans.

>> you saw that with twilight. initially the fans of the twilight book were not happy with robert pattinson . you'll see it shift.

>> the on screen chemistry between hunnam and johnson whose biggest role so far was in the short lived fox series ben and kate.

>> oh my god.

>> but with it's edgey consent, a 50 shades movie isn't likely to look or feel like a network sitcom.

>> you don't sign on with a 50 shades of grey movie without being confident filming a sex scene . they're going to be explicit but not go over the top where this becomes a movie that limits it's audience.

>> well, so far the reaction on social media hasn't been so great either. but some fans say they're willing to keep an open mind and they are giving the films producers the benefit of the doubt .

>> all right. thank you so much. now for analysis we'll turn to natalie morales who has read the entire trilogy multiple times.

>> i have done my research guys. i like the choices here because new, fresh faces in hollywood. it's a good choice.

>> didn't you tell me when we were watching the piece that the face isn't what matters?