TODAY   |  September 03, 2013

Israeli military conducted anti-missile test

The U.S. has confirmed that the Israeli military conducted an anti-missile test over open waters in the Mediterranean Sea.NBC’s JimMiklaszewski reports.

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>> we'll start with our breaking news. the israeli military conducting an antimissile test in the mediterranean. what can you tell us?

>> one could argue that the timing couldn't possibly be worse as all the tensions in the region have risen expotentially as a result of possible u.s. missile strikes against syria but u.s. military officials confirm now that the israeli military did conduct an antimissile test over the caribbean. an israeli war plane fired a missile which was then shot down by another missile. now the israeli defense ministry claimed within the past few minutes that the u.s. military was also involved in that test. according to u.s. officials the u.s. didn't fire any missiles and the early read is if anything the u.s. provided radar surveillance to make sure the radar was clear and the u.s. military would track the test itself to try to glean any kind of information about it's own missiles and it's testing. but so far, the test was conducted over open waters at what many consider a most inopportune time.

>> tense times. jim with the