TODAY   |  September 02, 2013

Bust out these boots for a sexy fall look

Amy Synnott from In Style shows off five different styles of boots that are on trend for the fall, such as ones that lace-up, have ankle straps, and others that are knee-highs.

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>>> we are kicking off this labor day fun day monday with the fall's hottest boots and how to wear them.

>> those ankle boots are everywhere. but which ones can you wear with a dress or your jeans, get them tucked in or not.

>> amy is from "instyle" and is about to enlighten us.

>> so the ankle boots are all in this season?

>> ankle boots are all the rage. we have so many new styles. there's really something for everyone.

>> okay. good.

>> we start off with sachal. these are fall boots. these are $99 we hear.

>> exactly. these are from nine west. this is the split front booty. this is a great update on the booty friend we've been seeing for a few seasons because it's so wearable with the v shape in front. it gives you a little leg cleavage, we'll call it, which is much more flattering than a traditional ankle boot that can cut you off.

>> it can shorten you very much.

>> great with cropped pants, skirts, dresses. easy way to update your look.

>> and they are $99.

>> $99 from nine west.

>> thank you. kristen is coming out next with the next set of hot fall boots. and these come from french connection .

>> french connection , yes. these are what we're calling the peek-a-boo booty. they have beautiful cutouts. look at the detailing. it shows a little bit of skin, which lightens up the boot. it's not as heavy like some boots in the past were kind of very heavy and again, this gives it a lightness. makes it a little more feminine. it's a great matchup with this dress if you can believe it, is vegan. it adds a femininity to this edgy dress. and also looks great with cropped pants.

>> so what should you not wear those boots with?

>> your gran ddmother.

>> although if your grandmother is really hip.

>> but she should not wear tights. you don't want to wear tights with this look because you won't be able to see the detailing. also wear it with tapered pand eed pants so you can see the beauty of the shoe.

>> thank you. next sup is kathryn. she's got a flat boot.

>> this is the men's wear trend. this is huge for fall. this is a really cute go-to weekend look because it's so comfortable. we've paired it here with some polka dot cute denim jeans, rolled up at the cuff and a little men's wear tweed jacket. super comfortable. you can also dress up this trend for more fashion forward look . pair it with a flowy dress. there are lots of different ways to wear this.

>> i like it with jeans, and they are $99.

>> steve madden . amazing bargain.

>> that's for women of any age?

>> any age, especially on the weekends, wearing it in the country or the city. it's a great versatile look.

>> thank you so much. our next is the knee-high boots. hello, finally. here comes sarah.

>> we love this trend. this actually was a huge trend --

>> miley cyrus .

>> exactly.

>> work it, sarah. so she is wearing these h & m boots $149 if you can believe it. that's an amazing deal. really beautiful.

>> is it real leather?

>> yes, exactly. real leather. really nice cut. and that's a great thing about this trend. originally this high end designer. now a much more accessible price point. people were originally intimidated by this. people think "pretty woman" scary. but the new way to wear it is to play down the sexiness of it by pairing it with something more casual like this chunky knitted sweater.

>> that look is adorable. i love that.

>> you can wear it to the office with a longer skirt.

>> is that a huge color for fall?

>> green is the pantone color of the fall.

>> our last look is danielle.

>> what is she wearing?

>> let's see.

>> she has the ankle strap booty.ankle straps have been huge. this is the fall update for women who feel really good about their legs. this is often the thinnest part of your leg. looks really good with skirts, dresses. also if you are subconscious about your legs, this is a great look with a pair of dark tights.

>> let's bring all the ladies out. thank you.