TODAY   |  September 02, 2013

Mark your calendar for these upcoming movies, shows

Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly fills TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales in on a bunch of new movies and television shows you may want to check out in September, including the premiere of “The Voice,” Michael J. Fox’s new show, and the movie “The Longest Ride.”

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>>> back on a labor day morning. highly anticipated fall tv premieres and books, movies and music and here with the dates is jessica shaw. good to have you back. first thing is first. september 6th right around the corner. riddick is hitting theaters.

>> questions, this is the third in the franchise. sci-fi action. vin diesel fights alien predators in a remote planet on this one. he is so successful that he can get this movie made.

>> it comes out friday. when do you recommend natalie starts camping out?

>> after this segment. you're not here the rest of the week.

>> looking at tv sunday night, boardwalk empire returns on hbo.

>> yes, season 4. season 3 kind of snubbed in the big categories at the emmys but they're adding new characters. jeffrey rice, patricia arquette and we remember him as the guy that broke up with kerry bradshaw on sex and the city .

>> i was going to say that. next, september 13th this is a movie people are looking forward to. the family with robert deniro .

>> he plays a mob boss and ends up in this sleepy town in france and the family's colors come out. don't cross a mafia boss 's wife in the super market .

>> words to live by.

>> two weeks from now, nicholas sparks fans have a new book to look forward to.

>> yes, the longest ride. obviously nicholas sparks amazing, you know, people love his romance. it's tears, weep, bring your tissues if you love love .

>> okay and september 20th , now, this is one that's going to be touching. the last film coming out, it is a comedy.

>> it is a comedy. james gandolfini and julia louis-dreyfus falls in love with him. the director had a hard time believing he could pull off a romantic role but he was amazing.

>> and then a couple of days later, neal patrick harris hosts the emmys.

>> if there's an award show neal patrick harris is not far behind. he is hosting for the second time. game of throwns has 16 nominations. 30 rock has 13. it will be a good one.

>> i hope so. he can host anything and i would watch it as well.

>> the 23rd, another show, the voice coming back and we have cee lo and christina also coming back.

>> good-bye usher and shakira for now.

>> just for now.

>> temporarily.

>> and cee lo 's cats are back.

>> i'm excited about this next one, michael j. fox is coming back to nbc. my father has parkinsons so i'm so excited to see michael j. fox back.

>> he is incredible. loosely inspired by his life. he plays a news anchor named mike that finds out he has parkinsons and takes time off and returns to the work force . we haven't seen him on a sitcom since citi sin city . i'm going to miss him on the good wife.

>> justin timberlake releasing part 2 of his 20/20 album. you can expect more of the same.

>> best selling album of the year. you contain j.t. part two is coming out. he has a tour this fall. he just won the vma for mirrors. so world domination is up next.

>> any preview or hint as to what kind of music?

>> more of the same. his first single is called take back the night. probably not the best title choice for a song but we will cut him slack.

>> and you couldn't contain him on the vmas. he played for 45 minutes.

>> yeah.

>> everybody wanted that though.