TODAY   |  September 02, 2013

Anchor caught falling asleep on live TV

During Saturday’s edition of “Fox and Friends, anchor Tucker Carlson took a little nap during the show and his co-anchors wouldn’t let him live it down after waking him up while cameras were rolling.

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[ music playing ]

>>> florida georgia line with a little extra music on this labor day , september 2nd , 2013 . we'll hear one more song coming up later this hour. i'm willie geist with natalie morales . you mix in nelly with them and the cool country hip hop fix.

>> it's a cool mix. i love them.

>> i hope we see more of that, that country cross over into rap.

>> nelly has been a country fan for a long time.

>> yeah.

>> we'll hear from them later in this hour. we have been following the progress of diana nyad . she is going from cuba to florida. 64 years old. wants to become the first-person to swim the 103 mile stretch with no shark cage , no flippers, no wet suit. no nothing. she has a few miles left to go. she first tried 35 years ago. she is 64 now. the big problem has really been jelly fish . she has been stung so heavily she couldn't go on.

>> i interviewed her, the fourth try -- no, the third try. she said at that point she didn't know if she was going to try again. i'm glad to see she has come back each time and this time i think she'll make it. 5th time is the charm. 10 miles away. at this point she also has a special mask she is wearing to prevent jelly fish from stinging her too much. does not look all that attractive but it's working apparently. and she also that has this ointment she is using as well. so i'm hoping this is the time for her.

>> she's close enough. they said they could see the lights of key west this morning.

>> at this point i imagine the cheers, people on the shore will be bringing her home and she has this -- it's called the extreme dream . so many people around the country i think are rooting for her and want this to happen as much as she does.

>> we're learn later today if she does it.

>> keep going diana. keep swimming.

>> this new next story hit near and dear to our hearts. a guy i've known for a long time. he's one of the cohosts of fox and friends across the street.

>> she was up late friday night.

>> with you partying all night?

>> no, he was filling in for sean hannity . he has an early morning as we know. this is tucker on saturday morning as the cohost of fox and friends .

>> he's really asleep.

>> i don't think we're being good cohosts right now.

>> good to see you.

>> welcome to fox and friends .

>> i know we're not on television.

>> no need to be embarrassed. this is a commercial break.

>> are we live?

>> in the 15 years of this program, i don't think that's ever happened.

>> is this honestly live?

>> yes.

>> no one even bothered to nudge him.

>> didn't get the count down or the wake up or nothing.

>> nothing. so i e-mailed tucker for a statement. he said i can fall asleep faster than narcoleptic -- i woke up refreshed.

>> did he do that when you used to do the show together?

>> no, he's one of the most high energy human beings i've ever been around.

>> does that ever happen to you?

>> no.

>> there has to be so much going on.

>> the adrenaline is flowing. i can't imagine. but i've seen when you're in a breaking news situation, lester has been known, he's been in those situations for hours on end. used to be on msnbc and i saw him a couple of times during a long news conference you could get the little nose.

>> resting the eyelids.

>> yeah.

>> we did have a guest, three or four years ago on morning joe on msnbc across the street. we're having this round table discussion and we look down at the end and this particular guest is just --

>> until their face hits the desk.

>> and there was no real way to get to him. it was 6:00 in the morning so we did the rest of the set and the director didn't take any shots of him and nobody even knew. he slept through the block.

>> you're kidding.

>> he was completely refreshed.

>> we started throwing paper at him. this is a good topic for natalie as we learned in the last few minutes. say what you mean. aapparently being polite stops us from saying what we mean. a translation table that deciphers the niceties has gone viral. it's split into three sections describing what the british say, what the british mean and what others understand.

>> it's not just the britts. we all have this problem.

>> when someone says i hear what you say, what they really mean is i disagree and i do not want to discuss it further.

>> i hear what you say.

>> and then when someone says i'm sure it's my fault they really mean it's your fault.

>> exactly.

>> that's just it.

>> very interesting means that is clearly nonsense.

>> i do that a lot. or i say, sure, great.

>> interesting is a terrible word. it's so noncommittal.

>> what are you talking about? you must come for dinner. let's get together real soon . i'm guilty of this.

>> all the time?

>> this means not an invitation. i'm just being polite.

>> our producer has heard that from you.

>> no, that's for real.

>> that one you mean.

>> that you mean.

>> he's like whatever.

>> you always see in a public apology from a politician. i'm sorry if anyone is offended. you're not really sorry.

>> you're just sorry someone is offended by it. i'm sorry period is what you want to hear.

>> exactly.

>> here's a big question, white after labor day , can you get away with it? well, it was said you could never wear white after labor day but now that's history. a survey asked women when they say good bye to white in their summer wardrobe and 54% will still wear it after labor day .

>> taking a stand.

>> you can wear white year round. over 50% said they'll still wear pastels and florals.

>> i don't have strong opinions on this exactly. i think you just wear what you want. don't you think?

>> i think there are ways to wear what you want. i think you can transition them into fall. but like i won't wear white jeans after a certain point.

>> no white jeans.

>> think you can but i won't. i don't like white jeans on me.

>> it shows a little swagger if you just --

>> just bend the rules.

>> kwae. it's november and i'm wearing white jeans. what's up now, you know?

>> is that how you do it? what's up now?

>> when i wear my white jeans in november. i wear them to thanksgiving, what's up now; you were gone last week.

>> i was.

>> we missed you a lot.

>> i had a little fun and vacation time away. it's great to be human and go to bed at a normal hour and wake up. this is my selfie on a bike.

>> wow.

>> that's me on the bike with josh behind and all the way in the back is my husband with luke on a tandem bike .

>> and your husband didn't know you were taking a selfie.

>> no and this is us on the beach having a good time and probably my favorite picture, i hope we have it coming up is -- you know what they say when your kids grow up way too fast.

>> or when they grow a unibrow.

>> that too.

>> yeah, puberty hit hard.

>> that's a great spot.

>> we had a great time and great place to visit with family and the dogs.

>> it is. we're glad you're back.

>> i missed you guys.

>> we're going to get al back.

>> it's been a long time since we have all been together.