TODAY   |  September 02, 2013

Celeb trainer: Parents should help kids stay active

Bob Harper, the celebrity trainer from NBC’s “Biggest Loser,” says that to help battle the child obesity epidemic, parents need to be an example and create activities for kids rather than relying on devices to occupy their time.

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>> and bob harper is with us now along with 9-year-old chris and dominic who have also been playing tennis this morning with us. guys, good morning everyone.

>> good morning.

>> bob, this is startling new information that we just heard. you hear and what is contributing? obesity at an epidemic but what more factors into this?

>> our kids are leading such a life style right now. they're in front of a computer device every day. i'm trying to get kids to be more active. this say great way to do it.

>> how do you reverse the trend? everything is going to iphone or ipads. how do you fight that technology?

>> it starts as parents. parents have to get involved with the kids, create an activity program. parent versus to get involved. we can't tell our kids to be active if we're not active.

>> what age -- these kids over here, what's the best stage for tennis for example, these rack kw -- racquets are short.

>> they started at 3 years old. they're not playing with the same racquets but they reduce the court size too. it's about getting them out there and having fun. they were kicking my butt out there.

>> they're good.

>> you had an event over the weekend and you said dominic nearly crushed you, right?

>> yeah, he was just like this, i'm coming after you. i was like calm down.

>> was it a real ball?

>> these were real balls we were using.

>> i put on that suit actually.

>> meanwhile, the biggest loser i know also dealt with obesity. is that something you'll continue to do?

>> absolutely. the more i can get involved with the parents and get their kids out and more active as a family, that's where we'll beat this battle.

>> always great to have you. thank you for being here