TODAY   |  September 02, 2013

Is Pippa Middleton secretly engaged?

Reports say that the sister to Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is secretly engaged to stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson, and that an announcement of a spring wedding is expected after Pippa turns 30 on Friday.

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>> this has all of us talking. is pippa middleton secretly engaged? the london tabloids are abuzz with speculation that she will wed nikko jackson next spring. they will make an announcement after pippa 's 30th birthday. pippa turning 30 on friday, september 6th . friends say they kept the news secret to avoid stealing the spotlight from kate and her new baby. she has been dating him for over six months now. this is a guy that comes from a modest background himself. not a lineage family.

>> no royal.

>> no royal.

>> but he's got the goods.

>> he's got the buzz around him though.

>> i like to quote willie geist on this.

>> already has a great dress to wear.

>> yeah.

>> that could have gone two ways.

>> yeah.

>> wipe off the sweat now.

>> you love that dress.