TODAY   |  September 01, 2013

This summer’s box office flops: What happened?

Summer is the perfect time to head to a movie theater and escape the heat, and while there have been huge hits, there have been more than a couple misses. NBC's Craig Melvin reports.

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>> office bust of the season, others flopped big time domestically as well. "after earth." "turbo."

>> what do i look like?

>> or a film produced by our sister company universal pictures . each one cost more than $130 million to get on the big screen , but none of the movies made enough money here in the u.s. to cover their production costs.

>> this summer has had many releases coming out every weekend. something is bound to flop.

>> and movie goers have noticed.

>> it's disappoint iing because you when we pay, like, $12 for a movie, we want a quality picture.

>> a small movie, a $12 million movie could be just as good if it's played right and if there's a script.

>> but there's no reason to think studios will ever stop shelling out huge sums for movies featuring a-list actors and dazzling effects.

>> every studio wants their avatar, their movie that just makes boat loads of money. and they're willing to take the risk over and over again.

>> and if a gamble goes back here, some state side flops like "after earth" and " pacific rim " find an audience overseas. the robots versus monsters flick cost nearly $200 million to produce but barely made half that in the u.s.

>> today we are canceling the apocalypse.

>> internationally the movie raked in nearly $300 million so far.

>> it is pretty cool.

>> giving some hope to those big budget filmmakers. so, you