TODAY   |  September 01, 2013

Watch boulder narrowly miss car in landslide

In a shocking video, a dash cam caught a landslide in Taiwan, and filmed one boulder coming a little too close for comfort to a car on the road. NBC’s Tom Llamas reports.

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>>> believe this dramatic video out of taiwan. we showed it to you at the top of the broadcast. the camera mounted on the dashboard of a car traveling behind the one you see here, captured the video, a landslide. that's not it. check this out. a massive boulder flips several times. stops within just inches of the car. the driver and the passenger walked away with minor injuries. talk about luck. not only that the driver throws on his hazards, walks out of the car and inspects the scene like no big deal .

>> let's see what happened.

>> talk about lucky to be alive.

>> i would have taken off running.

>> i would have said the same thing, gone like a shot out of there. glad they're all right and it was some good video.