TODAY   |  September 01, 2013

Rebels in Syria decry Obama decision

Rebel forces fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government said they were frustrated with President Obama’s move to seek approval from Congress before launching military action. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> in those rose guarden comments, president obama said this is not a time sensitive issue. so what does that mean for people living inside syria? chief foreign correspondent richard engel is live in turkey near the syrian border. richard, what's been the reaction to the president's comments to that announcement yesterday? what's been the reaction in that part of the world?

>> reporter: it has been extraordinarily negative from the syrians we've been speaking to. they say this is a matter of life and death , that this cannot wait weeks, that it can't be postponed until a decision from congress, a decision they don't think will necessarily get passed. when we spoke to seyrians, they said there is a pattern of promises from the united states for help, promises that have not been delivered. just a few months ago the united states said it would give the syrian opposition lethal means to defend themselves against attacks from bashar al assad 's regime, those weapons never came. then, after a chemical weapons attack that killed more than 1,400 people, again, strong statements, strong speeches from the u.s. administration, and now delays. they say that every time they hear something like this coming out of washington, they hope that perhaps the refugees who are living in countries like turkey and lebanon and jordan can go home after two and a half years. and then the refugees we've spoken to today think we're going to have to be living outside of our border for perhaps a lot longer.

>> richard engel for us this morning. richard, thank you.