TODAY   |  August 31, 2013

Your guide to taking the perfect picture

These tips are a surefire way to ensure every photo you take is the perfect one.

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>> here we go.

>> reporter: they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. what if your pictures aren't saying much of anything? so, how many do you have to take before you finally get a winner?

>> 100-150?

>> 40 shots.

>> doesn't always come out the first try.

>> reporter: it can be challenging. we sought out two expects to get their take on making every picture count. over the past 17 years he's photographed hundreds of couples saying, i do. while colleen makes her living capturing other treasurable moments of children.

>> you need to consider a few things. you need to consider your light around you.

>> reporter: they say shoot away from the sun . that will keep light on the subject, not the camera lens . you want to pay attention to the background.

>> the background behind the subject is interesting and you want to show it off, move the primary subject over. you can see that person and the background.

>> you want to consider your perspective. it's great to get on the floor with children.

>> reporter: as for the most flattering angle.

>> shoot from up down, not down, up.

>> reporter: if you are aiming for the artsy shot, where the background is out of focus, zoom in and step back.

>> when the camera is zoomed in on someone, the fuzzy background gets greater.

>> shift left or right so the subject is just off center will give you that artistic flair. don't forget to use your camera's preset.

>> if you tell it the theme you are doing, it's picking lots of different things to make the decision.

>> remember, practice makes better.

>> you might have competition. i'm getting good.

>> pair that with patience and capturing life's precious moments can be as easy as --

>> one, two, three.

>> yeah!

>> for today, new york.