TODAY   |  August 31, 2013

Is Harry Connick Jr. heading to ‘American Idol’?

“American Idol” has said that this season, it will be less about the judges and more about the contestants, as the show attempts to recover from a loss of viewers. “They’ve got to re-tool things, they’ve got to make it better,” said E! correspondent Alicia Quarles.

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>>> this morning on today's entertainment, a look at celebrities who may be headed to divorce court and " american idol " announces new judges.

>> good to see you.

>> good to see you as well.

>> it's been a tough week for khloe kardashian and lamar odom .

>> he was arrested for a dui on friday morning. khloe is sticking by her man. she hopes lamar gets help. she's staying by him. she's going to ride this out with him.

>> " american idol " is looking for a judge. has been for some time. any front-runners?

>> harry connick jr .

>> harry, huh?

>> j.lo is back. now harry. ryan seacrest said an announcement will be made anytime now.

>> hopefully it will give ratings a bump.

>> they are going to make it less about the judges and more about the contestants. they have to retool things.

>> we can't help that we have the best show on nbc with "the voice."

>> catherine zeta jones and michael douglas .

>> they are separated. he's still wearing his ring. maybe they will work it out. no talk of divorce, yet.

>> clint eastwood and his wife.

>> 17 years. she's got issues. they are separated. one daughter together.

>>> dave chappell. not so funny. walked off the stage because the crowd was disrespecting him. part of me thinks that's part of being a comedian.

>> you get heckled as a comedian. he was performing. he sat on stage, smoked a cigarette and sat there until 25 minutes. the crowd said it was horrible to watch. remember in 2005 at the height of his show, he walks away. he's famous for walking away .

>> the more he pulls back, the more they taunted.

>> exactly.

>> it was spiraling out of control.

>> more and more uncomfortable. not so much of a comeback there.

>> he's on tour now. hopefully he'll do better. people pay money, they want to see