TODAY   |  August 31, 2013

As tensions continue, bakeries remain open in Damascus

Traffic continued to flow with little sense of panic in Damascus, Syria, on Saturday, even as the shelling of rebel-held districts continued. Bakeries will stay open 24 hours a day to cope with what the Syrian government has called “foreign aggression,” according to correspondent Bill Neely.

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>> syria are bracing for the attack as the government prepares for their own response. bill is on the ground in syria this morning, live in damascus. bill, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, to you.

>> give us a sense. how are things in damascus this morning and what are you seeing in terms of preparations and changes being made?

>> reporter: well, things here are relatively calm. you can see behind me the traffic is flowing, maybe less than normal. some businesses are closed. there's no sense of panic here. on the other hand, people are worried. president obama 's words that any strike might be limited and narrow is no comfort to people here. they really are concerned. the army, there are reports syria 's army has been moving equipment, missiles, tanks, everything down to computers and furniture out of military barracks . one area of the city they have taken up residence in a mosque. they haven't stopped the shelling of rebel held districts. itis been consistent this morning with explosions every 15 minutes or so. we haven't heard from president assad in a couple of days. the government has been on state television trying to reassure people about what it calls an american/israeli aggression. people are saying there's no need to panic. the country will defend itself. they are saying, for example, bakeries will stay open 24 hours a day to cope with foreign aggression. the people are concerned about the immediate future, whether missiles might go astray or hit chemical weapons depots and send plumes of poison across the city. the u.n. inspectors left before dawn this morning. it was almost haste. people see that as some kind of green light for an american military strike. they are worried here, but no sense of panic.