Image: Super baby

TODAY   |  August 31, 2013

Mom creates superhero look for kids with differences

A mother in Oregon was inspired by her son’s struggle with eye patches and glasses, and set out to create a line of T-shirts and stickers that celebrate differences (and superhero capes!).

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>>> him it should be for a good reason.

>> he said he should be a superhero. this 15-month-old is proof that super heroes wear patches.

>> he had cat rack surgery, the lens in his eye was removed. he wore a patch.

>> he was born with cataracts that affect less than 1% of the population.

>> we got looks and kids asking if he was wearing an eye. there's not many kids out there that wear their patches out in public. it's a cool thing to wear a patch.

>> with the help of nearly $5,000 raised on kick starter, his super mom created an eye catching collection of t-shirts, capes and stickers.

>> it snaps on the back.

>> the kids wear is designed to make everyone, whether they are four, two or just one eye all feel the same.

>> we want the shirt to help kids to be proud to wear their glasses or eye patches.

>> from robots to monsters and cupcakes wearing patches and glasses, they are doing that.

>> i hope he can grow up and not feel conscious about it.

>> all superheroes need is someone in their corner to make them feel supper special in a super normal kind of way.

>> the super cute scott has to wear the patch and glasses until he can have an artificial lens.

>> amazing. the designs they have