TODAY   |  August 31, 2013

Man, 93, is world’s oldest wing walker

British daredevil Tom Lackey began wing walking at 85 and has broken the record to become the world’s oldest wing walker, in a flight over the Irish Sea. TODAY’s Tom Llamas reports.

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>>> irishman tom lackey succeeded in breaking his own world record for being a wing walker . he flew from scottland to north ireland . he looked like he was having the time of his life. he says it was the toughest thing he had ever done and is probably going to call it quits. that's the news. back to lester, erica and dylan. he started wing walking at the age of 85.

>> wow.

>> yeah. a spry 85.

>> you may not want him as your wingman in the bar. all the ladies are going for him. not for you.

>> and he's got the stories.

>> yes. don't bring him with you to the bar if you are looking to meet somebody. thanks.

>> dylan dreyer has the holiday weekend forecast.

>> it's dark out this morning.

>> yeah.