TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

6 affordable resorts for fun fall trips

Nilou Motamed from Travel + Leisure shows how you can take a fall trip with your family or spouse without having to bust your budget by heading to Hotel Modern in New Orleans, Lummi Island in the Pacific Northwest, or the Teton Mountain Lodge at Jackson Hole.

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>>> end of summer get you down. time to start pbooking that long fall weekend getaway.

>> if you'd rather visit an island in the pacific northwest , travel and leisure features director affordable trips that are going to make you want to pack your bags . but hang on until we get through with the list.

>> don't are sad about fall. this is when you'll get great deals for travel.

>> prove it, missy.

>> take us to a wine retreat, please.

>> okay. we're going to go to the green porter in the north fork of long island. if you haven't been to this place --

>> it has some award-winning wines.

>> their pinot, delicious, i think. some great roses coming out. this is a great home base for you to go check it out.

>> pretty.

>> under $200 a night to stay there. great value midweek, weekend. i love this hotel. if you don't know where to start with wineries, they serve 20 wines by the glass in their restaurant. try them and decide where to go to check out.

>> the price is a lot different. weekends are more pricey.

>> a little higher but the values in september if you haven't been able to get away for the summer. fall, september, october is a great time of year and such beautiful scenery. all of the leaves.

>> if you want to recharge, there's a wellness getaway.

>> it's meant to be an energy center in taos.

>> that's in new mexico.

>> if you want to go somewhere spiritual, have life reading massages if you want to spend under again, $200 a night to do that, this is the place to go. have you ever gotten any woo-woo treatments?

>> yeah.

>> she's had her share of them.

>> i have two children to prove it.

>> oh, yeah. woo! i'm sorry. go ahead.

>> the next place is a place that --

>> i love this. new orleans , of course. you gotta go.

>> new orleans is amazing. people love to go there for jazz fest . we're going to the bywater. this is an area up and coming. very new neighborhood.

>> is that by lee circle? i know it.

>> it's become a hip place. the brooklyn of --

>> gentrification.

>> -- of new orleans . they have a very unusual check-in. you go straight to your room with cocktails. they have a parrot. and the prices are $109 a night.

>> wow. let's go to the northwest.

>> i love this place. if you are a foodie, loomy island in the san juan arc archipelago. willows inn. $100 a night. their chef was just named by " food & wine " magazine as one of the best new chefs. they do a fantastic job with their own lamb. they have incredible local seafood. it's stunning. and $100 a night. you cannot beat that value.

>> take us to, where, the carolinas?

>> we're going to the blue ridge parkway , to asheville.

>> asheville is gorgeous.

>> i'm so excited you like it because there's an inn called the bed & breakfast .

>> i stayed there. i took my daughter to camp and that's the hotel we stayed in.

>> the blue ridge celebrates 78th birthday. it's a nice thing to do.

>> that's my room. i left my toothbrush there.

>> jackson hole is the last one?

>> teton mountain spa and lodge is a beautiful place to go there. you'll be able to hike, go down the snake river . if you want the perfect view of teton village go straight to the roof to the hot tub for 24 people. you know what they were named after. lewis and clark looked up at the two mountains and said, tetons. ta-tas. that's what it's named after.