TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Roker shares what’s happening in his neck of the woods

A poll reveals that proximity to family is not a high priority when selecting a new home, but the TODAY anchors find that the value of family is stronger than statistics can measure. Al Roker opens up about his catchphrase “Here’s what’s happening in your neck of the woods,” revealing that he actually picked it up from his grandfather.

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>> when asked what factors other than price would be most important when searching for a new home, only 33% sited the proximity to family. my inlaws live about 20 minutes away in new jersey.

>> i'm trying to get my in-laws to move to new york city . they're great with the kids. my kids are with them right now. but they don't meddle or try to change my parenting. they don't get in the way.

>> they're supportive.

>> and helpful and loving.

>> my parents are gone and deborah's parents, her dad is gone and her mother is not well. and until they're not there, you don't appreciate how much you miss them and how that bond of your children and your parents is something that is priceless.

>> i didn't have grandparents growing up. i didn't know my grandmother too well and my others passed away and i'm watching my kids with their grandparents and it's foreign to me. it took awhile to get used to it and they have independent relationships with them and they're going to remember that and i'm so glad that because of my husband we can give them that.

>> that's where i get the saying, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.

>> really?

>> my grandfather used to say that.

>> that's fantastic. and sometimes we walk by my parents building and just put the kids in the lobby and send the elevator up.

>> until you find out your parents are out of town.

>> the kids jimmied the lock. they're in the liquor cabinet.