Image: California wildfire
Elias Funez / MCT via Getty Images

TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Miley, Rim Fire top week’s buzziest photos

Josh Zepps, host of Huffpost Live, shares his picks for the week’s most talked-about images, from Miley Cyrus at the VMAs to the California “Rim Fire” near Yosemite National Park.

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>>> a moment in time and filled with poignant and memorable moments.

>> here with the story behind picture perfect imagines is josh. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> a good place to start is president obama on the 50th anniversary of the march on washington .

>> i love this picture. this is 50 years since martin luther king jr . gave his i have a dream speech. the president spoke and jamie fox and oprah winfrey . if you take your mind back to 50 years ago, the idea that it would be an african american president and the big lincoln statue behind him. it's inspiring and captures how far we have come.

>> that's an incredible photo. that's the man who issued the emancipation proclamation . a stunning photograph.

>> yeah.

>> the next one, a big story on going this week is the rim fire in california.

>> that's right. this is in northern california . it's the 5th largest fire in california history . it covers over 300,000 square miles . that's an area larger than new york city , than the land area of new york city . this is a big bear firefighter there. they have about 30% of it under control at the moment. so 70% left out of control.

>> two weeks?

>> yeah it's been around for two weeks now. i want him to be able to go back to his family and have a cold beverage .

>> this is brooke's favorite story of the week. miley -- this is the most tame imagine we could find.

>> i'm sure it was. this is at the vmas. she's a 20-year-old former disney star. she was rubbing herself with the giant foam finger and sticking out her tone. they said this was a grinding declaration of adulthood. one of the early inventors of the foam finger said she was degrading this honorable icon. i didn't know this was an honorable icon. not like she was rubbing herself down with the declaration of independence or something.

>> i don't remember the iconic one having a long fingernail either.

>> that's true. people came to her defense. justin timberlake did. this is a scenario where it's context. she is a teen pop idol at a music event. if jimmy carter had come out in a flesh colored bikini, then we have a problem. this is suitable.

>> this next imagine is just a beautiful one. a marine -- just tell the story.

>> this is jesse, he's a marine and lost his legs in 2009 in afghanistan. he met kelly and they fell in love . they were doing this photo shoot . she was just carrying him and the photographer said hang on and stop there. this is beautiful. and it went viral and jesse said it's a metaphor for their relationship.

>> there's areas where the proz prosthetic legs can't take him and she carries him.

>> beautiful.

>> the last one you have for us. marine biology .

>> my god.

>> my personal favorite.

>> this is southern california . there were a couple of kayakers going on a whale watching tour. you're not allowed to come within 100 yard of a whale but they can come within 100 yards of you. you can imagine saying where are the whales and this 80,000 pound humpback comes up next to them and it kind of makes me want to move to southern california . but you're not going to get that in the hudson.

>> and stop and say i'm going to take a photograph instead of paddling for your life.

>> if they wanted to knock you down they could.

>> they're actually really kind and curious and friendly creatures but they're so huge with one