TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Healthy cheeseburgers! Get the skinny

They may look too good to be healthy, but these cheeseburger recipes created by TODAY fans will keep your conscience clean with every bite.

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>> in today's kitchen, burgers that are too good to be healthy. we asked viewers to send in their healthiest cheeseburger recipes and we have flown in three finalists to compete for the grand prize .

>> here they are. [ cheers ]

>> and doing the tasting registered dietitian and cheerleader joy bauer.

>> we got bombarded with the most outstanding and delicious recipes. it was a really big deal that these finalists are here.

>> we're the judges here?

>> you are. we'll tell you about each one and before we start it's important for everyone to know that a typical cheeseburger in a restaurant is about 1200 calories. full fat cheese a big white starch bun. so you're going to be impressed. we have ronnie's here. this is a bacon cheese inside out turkey burger. she uses ground turkey with grated zuccihni but the best part is the cheese y inside.

>> it's reduced fat with all natural bacon bits .

>> how did you come up with it.

>> i inspire to try to make light recipes. it helped me lose weight. i try to get creative in the kitchen so my goal is to have fun and create fun recipes that people don't think are light but actually are light.

>> just to let you guys know, without the bun is burger is 225 calories and with the bun, 355 calories. so this is a fraction of a regular cheeseburger.

>> that is really good.

>> thank you.

>> thank you.

>> she is from parker, colorado and this is a naked buffalo burger. i love she has taken advantage of a lean red meat , buffalo or bison. it's lower in calories or fat than fatty chuck. what's cool about this aside from whole grain bread crumbs and egg white she added in chopped jalapenos and dried cherries. an interesting combination.

>> you can't do that.

>> can you do that?

>> and blue cheese on the top.

>> oh, boy. doesn't the blue cheese take from the healthiness at all?

>> no. without the bun, 295 calories and with the bun, 425 calories.

>> very nice.

>> well done.

>> well done.

>> and last but certainly not least, we have ilene from florida. these are greek turkey lettuce sliders. she also drives down the calories using lean ground turkey meet and she pumps up the flavor with a lot of fresh herbs like oregano and mint. one serving is all three. topped it off with this yummy delicious sauce.

>> if you had a little slice there, it would be a little happy face burger.

>> great for kids. great for kids. but the sauce is fabulous because it's nonfat greek yogurt with cucumber and red onion . a little lemon juice and dill.

>> so this one without the bun, all three, 320 calories. with minibuns about 500 calories. could you imagine compared to the restaurant version of 1200 .

>> do we work together here?

>> you work together and decide on the winner.

>> are you guys nervous.

>> and i think the judge's consensus is number two.