TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Employers urge millennials: Pick up the phone!

Young people use smartphones seem to text, type, and tweet, but seem to avoid making actual telephone calls, especially while at work. And their mployers are growing more frustrated by the lack of direct contact.

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>> do you guys like talking on the phone and looking at the screen and communicating with people? what's your preference [ ringing ]

>> i'm sorry.

>> really?

>> it's the producer.

>> do you have a head shot come up.

>> she has a picture of our boss.

>> wow.

>> is there a reason you're doing this.

>> because i'm -- well, anyway, we aren't far from our smartphones because that's how we role but doesn't mean they like talking on them. the generation that grew up on texting and online chatting is avoiding the phone at work. that managers upset. they say it's time to drop the text messaging and e-mailing and pick up the phone and communicate.

>> i think it's a better way to do business to have voice contact. you can hear people's emotions. not just 20 words on the page.

>> but it's faster where you text. where are you matt? i'm here.

>> then if you don't get the text and you e-mail or text.

>> and so much tone is lost. you can't read somebody.

>> you told your kids to stop texting and e-mailing.