TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

At 105, she’s on Facebook – and still on the road

Edythe Kirchmaier has been driving for 86 years and says she’s never received a ticket or been in an accident. She also says she’s the oldest member of Facebook, and she has no intention of slowing down. NBC’s Joe Fryer reports.

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>> 105 years old is defying her age in more ways than one.

>> reporter: ask edith about her age and babies aren't the only ones whose lives are measured in months.

>> how old are you?

>> i'm 105 and 7 months.

>> reporter: she makes to make every moment count which is why she still volunteers every week handwriting thank you notes on behalf of her favorite charity. she has been lending her time since the 1970s .

>> everyone is so great here.

>> reporter: it's all part of her drive to help which is matched only by her drive to drive. edith is still behind the wheel and has been sitting there now for 86 years. her driver's ed came in a model t.

>> never had a ticket. never had a citation, even for overtime parking.

>> reporter: it's an accomplishment that landed edith in hot rod magazine .

>> what was the first car you owned yourself?

>> a model a coupe.

>> not to mention the tonight show and ellen.

>> you're driving still?

>> i got my license renewed this morning.

>> they even hold a spot just for her. but age caught up with her 1997 dodge minivan.

>> i had it as long as i could.

>> reporter: and then her new car, a gift from an anonymous donor.

>> he doesn't want to be known. that's all right with me.

>> reporter: now she is driving now a new road. the information super highway . she recently joined facebook and already has 36,000 followers.

>> is anyone else your age on facebook ?

>> no.

>> you're the oldest?

>> i'm the oldest. i guess i'm about the oldest everything.

>> reporter: she joined with a purpose, to shine a light on direct relief. it delivers medical aid to places in need.

>> she said it was time we became better known and she single handedly said she was going to do it.

>> reporter: all she wanted was to help their facebook page get 105,000 likes. her wish came true and then some.

>> it's overwhelming. i never thought i would make that much of an impression on people.

>> reporter: a tech savvy great-grandmother you can't help but like. nbc news, santa barbara , california.

>> wow, 50 years older than me and more tech savvy than me.

>> you can't help but love her. she's adorable.

>> she's fantastic.

>> when we come back, a live concert out on the plaza from chris brown . his fans started getting here yesterday. big crowd gathered. that show gets under way in about 15 minutes . but first, your