TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Best deals on cruises after Labor Day

If you still haven’t taken that much-needed vacation, you may be in luck: cruises are discounted after Labor Day. Conde Nast Traveler contributing editor Kate Maxwell reveals how to get the best deals.

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>> a holiday that offers the best time to perhaps get on a big cruise. here with tips on how you can cash in is kate maxwell, contributing editor. good to see you.

>> good to see you.

>> i love this. some have kids and they deal with the kids but some have a chance to go on the cruise.

>> absolutely. it's low season for cruising so fantastic prices.

>> so they're basically because of the season. this is the time of year when you can get the best rates?

>> yes, prices are at a four year low. the average price is $143 a night. that's 12% less even than last month and your meals are included and on board activities as well.

>> low season is march through april, september through november which is now, alaska is may and september which is now as well.

>> caribbean through november 30th and actually through february apart from holidays.

>> is this a result of hurricane season .

>> a lot of it in the caribbean. so clearly that comes with some risks.

>> well, some risks but this has been a low season for hurricanes.

>> it has been a low season.

>> they have been much less intent and that is supposed to continue.

>> if you decide to capitalize on the great deals. what are the pros and cons .

>> the process are it's safe. your cruise is unlikely to be cancelled because cruise liners are outrun the storm. they go around the storm. it's better to be on a cruise ship than to be on the beach. if you're in jamaica and on the beach and it's raining, it's not much fun. but the cruise ship will go away from the sun .

>> is there rerouting? does that effect your travel.

>> yes. but you're going to go scuba diving or snorkeling there and it doesn't happen you go somewhere different. it's a good idea to book your on the ground trips through the cruise ship rather than on the ground because you'll get your money back.

>> take care of that when you get to the island.

>> yeah.

>> how do you protect yourself? can you get insurance for example?

>> good idea to get third party insurance that includes cruises and that will protect your air fare as well. the cruise line is not going to pay for a different flight.

>> we got the pros and cons out of the way. you have an alaska cruise.

>> it's classic. you'll see bear and salmon bax bakes.

>> what's the deal?

>> $71 a nice per person.

>> do they make you clean up and work?

>> they'll feed you for that as well.

>> bahamas cruise?

>> this is $99 a night. this is on a brand new ship. it started sailing in june from new york. tiptop stuff and fantastic activities on board.

>> and last but not least, the bahamas which i have taken a cruise there. it's amazing.

>> $90 a night on royal caribbean and that goes to st. martin and st. thomas. really beautiful ship as well. it has this surf machine so you can surf on board the ship.

>> i love that. a lot to do there. kate, thank