TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Poll reveals public sentiments on Syrian action

In a recent NBC poll, 50% of responders oppose any military strike against Syria, but approval grows depending on the exclusive use of cruise missiles, and 79% of those polled believe Obama should get Congress’ approval before any action is made.

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>> as the white house builds it's case for a military strike against syria , a new nbc poll suggests president obama doesn't have strong public support for the action. chuck todd joins us with the numbers.

>> how are you doing willie? 50% would oppose any military strike against syria , about 42% approve of the idea of a military strike . now, the numbers do change in support for military strike would grow if they know it's just going to be cruise missiles as has been speculated. as for whether the president should get congress's approval before doing anything, 79% think he should go to congress first. that includes 90% of republicans and 70% of democrats that say that. the president has personal job rating issues. his overall job rating is at 44% but on foreign policy and handling of syria , 44% overall. only 35% approve. he has work to do with the public if he's going to sell any plan that includes striking syria .

>> a lot of convincing of the public and congress. thank