Image: The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Start The Ring O'Fire Anglesey Coastal Ultra Marathon
Mark Cuthbert / Getty Images Contributor

TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Duchess Kate in first official appearance since birth

Undertaking her first public engagement since the July 22 birth of Prince George, the new royal mom made her first official public appearance in Anglesey, Wales, where she and Prince William are now making their home with their infant son.

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>> moments ago, the first official appearance by kate, the duchess of cambridge and william. people weren't expecting her to show up. she is joining prince william as they officially start the round of the marathon. this is anglesey where they live. not a ball gown or fancy thing. it's just saying i'm all right. i'm well.

>> this is following the imagine earlier this week when she was fighting.

>> they're getting ready to move, right?

>> yeah.

>> back on up to the east side . you don't want to be superficial and fuss always over the way she looks and i'm going to say she does look quite amazing.

>> he looks good too.

>> he didn't have a baby.

>> the guys always gain weight after the baby.

>> al, that's pretty nice there.