TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Predator drones will combat fire in Yosemite

The California Air National Guard and Cal Fire have launched predator drones roughly 300 miles from the massive Rim fire in Yosemite this morning in hopes of battling the massive blaze with technology. The data from the drones will pinpoint hot spots and track flames, and will be sent directly to the some 5,000 firefighters on the ground.

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>>> firefighters are turning to technology to battle a wildfire burning out of control. the rim fire has been ranging for nearly two weeks outside yosemite national park . miguel almaguer is in california with the latest. good morning.

>> good morning. an entire city of firefighters, some 5,000 men and women arrived here at base camp but today one of the most effective tools in fighting and analyzing this fire will come in the air. at dawn, some 300 miles away from the rim fire, a predator drone will be launched by the california air national guard and cal fire . this video was beamed directly to firefighters on the ground. they can track flames, hotspots and pinpoint access to attack this blaze. the drone's path is used by the boots on the ground to slow the exploding blaze in the wilderness. the fight for containment is a slow one. protecting homes is the number one priority. the rim fire has been brewing for two weeks. this time lapse video shows the suffocating plume of smoke across the region. so far the fire scorched 200,000 acres.

>> miguel, thanks so much.