TODAY   |  August 30, 2013

Loose kittens halt NYC subway for hours

Some New York City subway trains came to a screeching halt because of just two tiny kittens loose on the tracks. Transit officials were able to corral the felines, but only after a little cat-and-mouse chase. NBC’s Mara Schiavocampo reports.

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>> meanwhile, this next story is probably the most adorable reason ever that a new york city subway line had to be shut down. we're talking about two kittens. mara sk mara has this story.

>> have you ever heard when something is difficult it's like herding cats ? well they had to do that when kittens got stuck on subway tracks.

>> reporter: kittens by definition are cute and cuddly but on tuesday two felines had the power of the lion king bringing subway service in brooklyn to a halt. they were discovered running along the tracks forcing workers to shut down the power and head after them. for thousands stuck on the platform the unique reasons for the delay could only make some of them shake their heads.

>> i'm hoping they start moving soon so i don't have to walk anymore.

>> worker with crates tried to corral the cats but they had the moves like jagger darking and ducking for cover under the third rail. they separated for a time but then reunited. when service was restored, these kittens proved they have more than nine lives.

>>> now, officials were finally able to capture those kitties after seven hours of cat and mouse . and guys, you should all know that now the subway lines that were shut down will be known as the felines.

>> you're starting to sound like bob yeager with the puns.

>> i wonder if the new yorkers thought they were cute yesterday when they were stranded.