TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

Rewind! KLG, Hoda share pictures from past

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb dig deep into the photo archive and take a look at some old pictures from school that they probably wish had never been taken. The ladies also chat about when they got their first gray hairs.

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>>> oh, yes! thirsty thursday, august -- it's just winding down. it's the 29th today. it's a very big day around here because one of our producers, and we love. you hear that really annoying laugh.

>> people ask, who is laughing? who is laughing?

>> we love our kate cook.

>> one of the best producers. today is her 29th birthday on the 29th. happy birthday , kate.

>> yea!

>> she's adorable.

>> we decided we're going to do a full hour of one of the segments she produces called --

>> we were going to do that before we found out it was her birthday.

>> ambush makeover . this is a full hour of our favorite ambush makeovers. louis and jill hit the plaza and find people to make over.

>> so we thought it would be fun to go down memory lane because every decade does seem to have its particular looks. we thought this would be a lot of fun at our expense. we've had many looks over the years. some downright ugly. let's take a look at some of them.

>> oh, god! you know what? i hate --

>> that's hoda.

>> oh, really?

>> i like my necklace.

>> you know what? this is rude.

>> oh, my god.

>> no need to get that dramatic. all right. we're making progress. not much. yes, that's when we first got together.

>> we leapt right through the golden years.

>> that was the beginning.

>> my turn.

>> oh!

>> the olympics with frankie.

>> oh, that was good hair.

>> i kind of like that look.

>> that was also -- you do it with -- no, just a little curling rod.

>> the sleek look.

>> i'm just looking at how thin my face was.

>> i like the bangs.

>> get over it. they're gone.

>> come on now.

>> i say i win that one.

>> oh, i could listen to barbra streisand all day long.

>> she sings beautifully.

>> do you know what movie that's from?

>> "the way we were." that's the name of the song.

>> do you know -- do you know who wrote it?

>> don't try to one up me. i already got it. "the way we were."

>> who wrote it?

>> one of your friends.

>> the amazing marvin hamlisch whom we miss desperately. do you remember when you found your first gray hair.

>> in one of those pictures, not the first two hideous ones, but the third kind of hideous one, when i was in high school , i started to get a gray, like a bonnie raitt streak.

>> wow.

>> i had it --

>> sometimes that's what triggers it.

>> i had that gray swoop forever and i tried to cover it. you know how it's hard with a stubborn gray patch.

>> especially in high school .

>> the end of high school , all through college.

>> did they call you raccoon lady?

>> no, i had nice friends.

>> did they call you skunk head?

>> oh, my gosh, it's skunk head.

>> look. it's in there. here's the thing. i am now gray all the way and i've been that way for a long time and i'm fine. here's the thing. again, my fear, my big fear on earth isn't to get mugged on the street.

>> rain.

>> no, rain. going to prison is a huge fear because i can --

>> they don't allow tweezers.

>> i will have white -- it will look like that except worse.

>> except white. and everyone will think i did it. i was wrongfully convicted. i didn't do it but i will look like i did.

>> she's a crazy lady . she did it.

>> so when you got yours?

>> mid-20s. yeah, yeah. and everybody says oh, you're so blond. i've been wearing the exact same color formula on my hair for about 20-some years. it's just that i have so much gray now that it takes the color differently.

>> some people get really, really, it's a traumatic experience when they discover their first gray. like giuliana rancic . this is from her show.

>> from the style network .

>> you have gray.

>> no, i don't. shut the hell up. shut your little face .

>> i have a gray hair?

>> oh, my god, you guys. what are we going to do?

>> you should have gotten your color done.

>> shut up!

>> let me see what i have.

>> you look like a hot old mess.

>> it's not even funny.

>> i have a hair mask thing at my sister's.

>> check. that would be good.

>> look. i do have some. i never go without coloring my hair so i never knew i had anything.

>> don't pull it out.

>> it's not that i'm freaked out by the gray hair. it's just that it's come on so suddenly. i wonder if the baby gave me gray hair. maybe it is the stress of handling work and the baby and trying to balance all of that. but you know, bill has gray hair, too. don't tell anyone. it's our secret.

>> right. only millions saw.

>> i don't feel sorry for her at all because she's 38 years old when she finds her first one.

>> we love giuliana.

>>> this is one of those funny videos we love.

>> no, we're going to see what we would look like if we were --

>> oh, no.

>> prison hair?

>> there's hoda now with lots of health.

>> i look good gray. why am i fighting it.

>> go for it.

>> let's see you.

>> let's see tan mother. tan mom.

>> before and --

>> no, no, nobody wants that. that's a no-no.

>> i'll keep looking like tan mom.

>>> now there is a video.

>> this is one of those fun videos that scooter mcgruder does. this is called the top 100 female lies. he dresses up like a woman. so let's listen to him.

>> he's the one with the beard.

>> i don't use photoshop.

>> i'm a model.

>> it wasn't even that expensive.

>> i am not like that anymore.

>> i love football .

>> i wear size 2. you can't tell.

>> i just have nothing to wear.

>> yeah, i'm on a diet.

>> i didn't get your text.

>> all men are the same. it's ridiculous.

>> i'm not hating.

>> i really don't lie that much.

>> see, this is all natural.

>> no, i don't have a boyfriend.

>> i'm done with him. that's it. no, no. that's it. like i'm just -- i'm done. this always happens.

>> i don't need a man, okay? i don't need one. i don't even want one at this point in my life.

>> i hate drama so much. it follows me everywhere. i don't even do anything.

>> no, i really do like the gift that you got me. i'm serious. like i love it so much.

>> i don't even care about looks.

>> i don't want anything for my birthday.

>> be ready in five minutes.

>> i'll be ready in ten minutes.

>> i'll be ready soon.

>> just tell me the truth. i won't be mad. don't worry about it. i'm fine. it was on sale!

>> wow! he must have some females in his life.

>> it's time for ihoda. but you're going to love this one. this is a song -- real quick -- by sarah barelis. some of the greatest words on the planet are i love you. she has a song with equally great words called "i choose you." it's a beautiful song. comes down craze iing up to a dark sky

>> it's just effortless with her. because i can live by the light in your eyes it's my song. i'm singing it. i like this line coming up. we're strong together the very first words of a love letter tell the world that we finally got it all right

>> i'm going to sing this part to you.

>> no, i'm loving it. you one, two, three, four you will become mine i choose you

>> when are you going to sing it in her key?

>> can't wait to hear that. because i think i would love it. i adore everything that --

>> what do you mean you can't wait to hear it?

>> you were performing it in a different key the entire time and i got snip-its. oh, yes, that's sarah barellis. she's genius. i'll have cassidy download it for me.

>>> is it okay or not took have unusual backstage requests?

>> this is what we said.

>> sure, it's okay if it's to guarantee a great performance. but if it's just an ego boost, check your ego at the door, please.

>> nice, klg. if your demands are not divaish and make for a better performance for fans, then why not?

>> i think i said that.

>> i think i said it better.

>> i said it second.

>> but not better.

>> all right.