TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

Fashion emergency! Use these to save the day

Fashion snafus are stressful. Fortunately, Shape magazine’s Bahar Takhtehchian reveals ways to keep deodorant streaks off clothing and remove those scratches on your shoes.

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>>> on "today's style," quick fixes for your fashion faux pas .

>> there's no problem she can't solve. editor at large for "shape" magazine. good to see you as always. you're going to help us through some of these problems.

>> i am.

>> i'm not familiar with a lot of these, brooke. i don't wear a lot of tank tops with deodorant stains.

>> there's nothing worse than putting that new shirt on and finding that stain. when that happens it's a great little tool. miss oops rescue sponge. just take this and dab it on there. as you see, the deodorant stains start to disappear.

>> it disappeared.

>> that's a great way. right there. it's gone.

>> perfect.

>> no water, nothing needed.

>> wipes, that leaves a little residue.

>> behind here?

>> let's look at our model, nicole . scuffs on shoes, right?

>> right, right. everyone has nice shoes. these are actually really great because these are -- they're going to protect your flats and your pumps from getting scuffed on the bottom. so they're calm ecalled protect your pumps. basically it's a clear, transparent piece of sticker you're putting on there. this flat has the protector pump. it's not getting scuffed or damaged. this one does not. a great way for you --

>> those red ones.

>> nicole will also show us these great liners. as you know, brooke, a lot of women, we don't like to wear hose or panty hose anymore. our feet can get a little bit stinky. to prevent that you want to use these silver linings. they actually have silver which is anti-microbe yal. that's going to prevent odor, mildew, any stink that might develop in the shoe.

>> nicole , thank you. blisters. another problem.

>> blisters are a big deal as well. they hurt. band-aid came out with these great products that actually have gel inside. a great cushion between your skin and shoes and they last for days even if you take a shower.

>> i've had these before.

>> this next one i'm just going to read verbatim the question here. i hate when button downs stretch in the bosom area.

>> you know i'm not the one to talk to. check my doll.

>> it's a big problem, actually. sometimes your shirts are a little too big. instead of using a safety pin you can use fashion tape. i'm going to show you. you just put it right on your skin.

>> when i was doing blue lagoon , my hair never moved because i was taped completely. it was all toupee tape. fun fact.

>> this is from the makers of that tape.

>> they've come up with fashion tape.

>> you can actually use this to make your shirt close. if you need to hide some sort of bra strap, it's good for that as well.

>> you have to tighten it and then do it.

>> a little more time to do it.

>> red carpet and stuff to keep dresses on. i contributed on that.

>> yeah.

>> any sort of hemline that might be falling. it's great to keep in your purse. it comes in two sizes.

>> this one, if your pants -- which is never my problem. if your pants are too long.

>> we have hem gem. a lot of times your pants might be good when you're wearing heels. you switch into flats and they're a little too long. mallory, a lot of her jeans tend to be too long. instead of going to the tailor, you can use hem gems.

>> are they magnets?

>> it's a peg you put into your shoe. mallory, fold your cuff to your desired length. that way you can kind of switch between longer and shorter styles. they actually come in rhinestones. you can get, like, a denim shape if you want.

>> i wonder if they make them clear. you should make clear ones in case you don't want to bedazzle your pants.

>> but it's fun.

>> absolutely.

>> the belts and shoe strap. extra hole you need.

>> sometimes your belts, you might lose some weight. so your belt is suddenly too big for you. if you use this great little rotary leather tool, super simple. it has six different settings.

>> oh.

>> like that. boom. you've got a hole.

>> where do you get one of those. hardware stores .