TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

It’s Brooke vs. Al in ‘Who’s That Co-star?’

Guest anchor Brooke Shields has the upper hand in TODAY’s newly invented game, in which she and Al Roker compete to name the masked co-stars from Shields’ films.

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>>> in honor of brooke shields . we'll show you and al scenes from photographs and television. things you've been in. in each photo your co-star is obscured. ring your bell or honk the horn in your case. tell us who it is. here's our first clue.

>> okay.

>> they were a gang of six. brooke 's featured here next to one of them.

>> i heard the horn first.

>> pablo.

>> who's the actor?

>> oh, god! joey. joey from friends.

>> incorrect. we're looking for david swimmer.

>> that was david swimmer?

>> next one. brooke was 12 years old when she starred in this historical drama . who is the lady of the night ?

>> susan sarandon .

>> correct. "pretty baby." very nice. next clue. brooke is in manhattan in this film. but who's with you?

>> miss peggy.

>> yes. what film?

>> "muppets take manhattan."

>> who was next to you here?

>> "two and a half men."

>> charlie sheen .

>> no.

>> john cryer . "hollywood game night " tonight on nbc. . . . . . . . . . test test test test. test. test. test.