TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

Key to using SpillNot beverage carrier: Commit!

The TODAY anchors put a new invention called the SpillNot to the test this morning, with less than coveted results. Its makers claim the invention enables you to twirl and toss your morning cup of coffee without spilling a drop. But guest anchor Brooke Shields finds that it’s not spilling a drop that you should be worried about, but the whole darn cup!

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>> if you notice, there's some shattered earthenware on our floor.

>> there are shards of a "today" show mug wherever you look.

>> so prove me wrong.

>> this is a device that no one would ever use.

>> it's called the spill not.

>> the spill not. it's a holder. it uses --

>> centrypical force.

>> i don't understand why.

>> i clearly don't.

>> we're going to go with that.

>> here's the guy doing it.

>> there's the force.

>> under what circumstances would you do that?

>> he's outside wearing a shorts and a t-shirt and a very unfortunate move. so the idea --

>> if you twirl your coffee, i guess. is that something you do? you just use centripical force. how does this work? centrypical force, you moron.

>> one swing and, bang.

>> i committed. i should be committed.

>> all right. there you go.

>> oh, there we go. okay.

>> are people going to be --

>> then what do you do. just go like that?

>> people are walking around the halls doing this? hey, everybody! bob, how you doing? you got that report for me?

>> yes. keep that going with the cup.

>> because it's a stupid idea!

>> why don't you try it again, brooke.

>> i really should.

>> with water. because this way it doesn't stain.

>> okay. go away, everybody. show the monitor. hold on.

>> all right!

>> oh!

>> oh, thank god. i would have lost sleep over that.

>> that's the real thing. $14.99.

>> commit, commit. okay.

>> that's it.

>> you take it in the car?

>> yeah. only if you're in a convertible.

>> this way you don't spill in the car.

>> god bless whoever invented it, but why?

>> for the life of me i can't figure out.

>> you're walking around. it's like a steady cam for your coffee.

>> it is. that's exactly what it is.

>> look at our -- one of our producers, matthew, is consoling jerry, our stage manager. the guy in charge of our stage. because of a broken cup. give that to matt. it was his idea! come on.

>> all right, matt. you set me up. you were supposed to protect me all week.

>> look, matt got a promotion!