TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

LA boutique sells ‘irresponsible’ Rx T-shirts

Kitson LA released a line of “designer drugs” clothing last week, featuring T-shirts emblazoned with the names of prescription drugs. Critics are admonishing the clothing boutique for ignoring the consequences of drug abuse, and major prescription companies are considering legal action.

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>>> trending on twitter, a prescription for controversy. have you seen these t-shirts. a popular clothing boutique coming under fire for a line of t-shirts of kitson l.a. it released a designer drugs collection. that's what it's calling it anyway. last week the shirts emblazoned with the names xanax, adderall and vicodin under the tag line just what the doctor ordered. critics calling them ignorant and irresponsible, citing, of course, the deadly con kwe lly consequence s of drug abuse . the designers say it's social commentary . drug companies contemplating legal action.

>> it's stupid.

>> absolutely irresponsible. especially when you think about how many kids are dying because what is in the prescription -- in the counter of your bathroom at home.

>> trying to get a little too cute about designer drugs , designer name. it's a serious issue.

>> people should probably not shop there until they get that down. it's irresponsible.