TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

Martha Stewart help you plan end-of-summer bash

Martha Stewart shares some perfectideas for an end-of-summer “last hurrah” party, including tequila-marinated flank steak and an orange gazpacho.

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>> we're back now with martha on "today." sad as it may be to say, labor day is almost here. no better way to sign off summer than a last hurrah party. martha stewart is here. ideas and recipes from her martha stewart weddings magazine. martha, end of summer.

>> end of summer. time to take out that grill maybe for the last time.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> the go-to, i understand it's your go-to.

>> plank steak. all the way.

>> it should be marinated to enhance the flavor of that thin meat.

>> what is it about plank steak that you love.

>> i like the striations. a grainy meat but tender. you can use apple juice . you can use a little bit of whiskey. bou bourbon.

>> i like that.

>> cognac. you can do a little tiny bit of vinegar. salt and pepper . not too much. oops. a little humid out here. thanks for the umbrella.

>> part of the job .

>> pepper. you can add green mustard which is very delicious on meat. don't forget a little hot sauce like tabasco. that's good.

>> sure. do you soak it in here essentially?

>> a little garlic. y just keep it in here for -- well, i like two, three hour. you can also do it overnight. here's a beautiful plank steak right from the butcher's counter.

>> you get a lot out of a plank steak.

>> you do. because the way it's sliced. you can put that one on -- that's been marinating. we can take that other one off. and slicing the plank steak.

>> this is key.

>> very important. against the grain. crosswise to the grain. here's the grain.

>> why do you go against the grain?

>> you'll see. look.

>> oh, yeah.

>> see how pretty it is? and slice it on an angle like that. and three, four, how many slices do you like? i bet that's enough for you.

>> i was going to say, cut it in half.

>> see how pretty?

>> you let it set a little bit.

>> let it set. i had taken it off the hot part of the grill. i just let it set. now, another great thing for this weekend, because tomatoes, peppers, onions, everything is -- cucumbers. there's so much of it in the market now. and on the farm stands. so a little bit of orange juice . this is a ga argaspacho. these recipes are so simple. they're on our website, too. in the magazine. cucumber.

>> all in the blender together?

>> yep. in the blender. peppers. a little habanero. lots of cherry tomatoes. you're going to strain this after you blend it.

>> okay.

>> okay. oops. it'll go.

>> churns up for you there.

>> yep. after it's all done, this is what it looks like. and you pour that into your glass. you can do it with red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, orange tomatoes. pretty, right?

>> a nice cool refreshment. so good. what about dessert?

>> dessert is shortcake. it's the last part of summer. you have to have shortcake. this is a great big sugar encrusted biscuit. make it big like that. then you can cut it into wedges. the whipped cream is infused with basil leaves. basil leaves have been cooking in the cream. you cool the cream and whip it like this. and your strawberries with sugar . these to garnish -- nobody thinks of using basil in a de dessert, but actually it makes a very, very delicious flavoring for strawberries. here you just snip like this.