TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

Love music? Then get to know Pharrell Williams

If you’ve listened to any hit songs over the last two decades, then you’ve probably heardsome produced by the multi-talented Pharrell Williams, who crafted the two biggest songs of the summer. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie reports.

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>>> one of the most influential people in the world of music today .

>> pharrell williams is is a household name, the creative force behind numerous hits. i recently caught up with the talented, producer, song writer and performance. the man many say has the midas touch .

>> reporter: some of the biggest hits over the past two decades. and the biggest songs of this summer. up all night to get lucky

>> reporter: have one thing in common. the multitalented pharrell williams . feel lucky?

>> yeah. sure, pun intended. i'll take that.

>> reporter: well, because the fact of the matter is you've been enormously successful in this industry for 20 years. but this is on a different level where everybody knows you now.

>> i'm just thankful to be, like, the punctuation in the sentence. i don't have to be the subject or the predicate. just a part of it.

>> reporter: that's what strikes me. you don't seem to be somebody that's been seeking after the limelight all this time.

>> no.

>> reporter: yet the limelight seems to have found you.

>> it's odd, but it's awesome. it really is. there's a lot of great songs out right now that we all love and feel great about. i'm just -- i have a couple of them. that's --

>> reporter: at 40 years old, pharrell likes to reminisce about his childhood. growing up in virginia beach . what's your first musical memory?

>> probably my most memorable one. when i was a child, we went to a place called kings dominion . like an amusement park . wandered off. my mom and dad , they didn't know where i was. it was pretty funny, but they found me dancing over where, i guess, kenny rogers was playing.

>> reporter: kenny rogers !

>> yeah. you picked a fine time to leave me, lucille

>> i can't believe i just told that story. i should have thought about it before i answered it.

>> reporter: starting on the drums, his path toward music was cemented early on. at the young age of 12, he met chad hugo , another huge talent in the business. and the rest is history. you met your producing partner at music camp.

>> yes.

>> reporter: so something really cool came out of band camp .

>> yeah. for sure.

>> reporter: you're living proof.

>> one year, when i was at band camp . most of us were kind of nerdy. none of us -- nobody sort of walked in like, you know, kurt cobain . by the way, all those guys have chauffeurs now, right? got the last laugh.

>> reporter: in the music world , a producer is like a film director. and no one does it better than pharrell . co-producing and writing grammy award winning hits for musical giants like justin timberlake , ludacris and mariah carey . where do you do your best thinking? or your best creating?

>> that's a great question. i can write pretty much anywhere. but in the shower, it's like where it's, like, really great.

>> reporter: you're spending 20 hours a day in the shower?

>> no.

>> reporter: any song we would know that came from the shower?

>> "hot in here." it's getting hot in here

>> reporter: "hot in here." that's one we all know.

>> maybe like, say, a third of my catalog.

>> came from the shower?

>> yeah.

>> reporter: you must have a really nice shower. home is where pharrell 's heart is. his fiancee and his little boy , rocket. tell me just a little bit about your relationship.

>> it's awesome. i can't tell anyone what to do. i can't give anyone relationship advice . but the bestie thing is awesome.

>> reporter: she's your best friend .

>> yeah. every night's like a sleepover.

>> reporter: kids kind of unlock your heart a little bit, don't they?

>> i always say that's the best song i've ever co-written, was my son.

>> reporter: but pharrell is all business the rest of the time. and lucky for me, he shared the new single he produced. you've had this incredible run. you've worked with every star. you've been nominated for a grammy 19 times. won multiple times. is there anything you're still ambitious for now? something you want to accomplish?

>> honestly, it's -- it's more music. love, love, love, love, love love , love, love, love, love

>> are you on the single? pharrell featuring savannah guthrie .

>> with a cold and my nasal voice. it didn't stop me. i was like, i'm available.

>> next summer's hit song . you and pharrell .

>> i don't know. "love is the answer" is a pretty good song pharrell played us that he produced. he's also a fashion mogul. i did teach him the new word jort.

>> explain again?

>> jean shorts.

>> i've got several pair.

>> you see? pharrell rocked them. anyway, it was great to