TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

‘Deadline: Crime’ gives victims’ families a voice

NBC’s Tamron Hall is the new host of a new Investigation Discovery show called “Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall,” which focuses on unsolved crimes and gives their victims an opportunity to talk about them.

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>> to tamron about her new show. investigation discovery . the show is called "deadline crime with tamron hall ." very exciting. this show that airs on sunday. its debut. it's very personal for you. tell us about it.

>> the show idea came up after a conversation i had. my sister was murdered several years ago. and her crime is unsolved. i started talking with other survivors and their families about the difficult challenge. you have no closure. and this show evolved. my father passed away afew years aft ago. my mother believes from a broken heart . leroi is married with a child of his own. his son says, when can i meet my grandma. we have to say, she's in heaven. this show came about organically. i've been able to have this blessed opportunity to talk to other families with a similar situation and let their voice be heard.

>> i love that you're taking something terrible in your own life and trying to make it something positive for other people. what kind of things will we expect to see in the show?

>> i've had an opportunity to travel coast to coast . we were in a blizzard in michigan and the heat of miami. there talking to families. we're going behind those headlines. it's easy to look at crime drama these days. people talk about these types of shows. but i really wanted to sit down and talk with people. i was with a dad whose daughter was killed. and he was breaking down in tears, and i said, i know where you're coming from. we literally hugged each other and wept together. there's a lot of things happening. but i think it will be a show that brings people in and this is about heart and soul. it's about people who are behind the headlines. it means the world to me to have this opportunity.

>> you are a great person to tell those stories. tamron, we're so excited for you,