TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

New book claims British special forces killed Diana

A new book alleges that Princess Diana was killed by the Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British Army, but a journalist is disputing the claim, saying her death was accidental. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports.

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>>> london. keir, good morning.

>> reporter: thhey there. good morning, everyone. it's 16 years on saturday since princess diana died. hard to believe, isn't it? since then there have been inquiries and in-depth investigations. today a new book revisits extraordinary claims suggesting that shadowy figures here in london had something to do with what happened in paris. it was shocking, devastating, heartbreaking. princess diana , just 36, killed in a paris car crash . the glamorous, world famous mother of two young princesses. harry was just 12 years old. so the idea that she was murdered at the direction of members of the royal family seems farfetched. yet the claim is made again in the new book. the author says diana was killed by members of the elite british special forces known as the s.a.s.

>> the bottom line for me is justice must be done. the truth must come out. people must know that diana was murdered and do something about i it.

>> reporter: scotland yard is investigating claims which stem from a former s.a.s. soldier. that commandos credibility is being questioned. one journalist who has followed the case closely says diana 's death was an accident.

>> i don't think the conspiracy theorists surrounding diana 's death are credible.

>> reporter: in the new movie, actress naomi watts plays diana . the movie, too, is being described as speculation by the very man who was the focus of diana 's attention. dr. hasnat kahn told a british newspaper it is a complete lie. i have never given any approval for the movie. it is based on got sissip, he says, and diana 's friends talking about a relationship they didn't know much about. and some of my relatives, they didn't know much about it either. one of the journalists to speak to diana just three weeks before the crash told nbc news via skype that she shared with him some of her hopes for the future.

>> her sons were suggesting that she might move to america.

>> reporter: but he, too, does not believe she was murdered. he says 16 years after her death, the remaining question is simply this. what would life have held for her if she hadn't died on that august night ? and the journalist you heard there, charles ray , says diana said something else extraordinary in that conversation. he said as she turned to leave, she said, you'll be surprised by what i do next. of course, we'll never know what that was. william and harry next, guys, have said it's time to move on. perhaps all of these folks revisiting all of this should listen to them.

>> must be hard for them.

>> it's hard to believe it's