TODAY   |  August 29, 2013

Brave husky goes head-to-head with polar bear

A journalist in Kaktovik, Alaska  captured footage of an Alaskan husky named Beaufort getting dangerously close to a wild bear. Beaufort either wanted to play or was trying to protect his territory, but either way he proved he’s one tough pup.

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>>> apparently of fear. here you can see buford squaring off against an adult polar bear in alaska. a news photographer from the affiliate in anchorage captured this video while working on a story about polar bear viewing. those who know the dog believe he was either trying to play, which is never a good idea, or protect territory. also not a good idea when you're outweighed like that. it is 7:11. savannah, willie, al, it worked out well.

>> you say he's the bravest dog. that's the most calm, measured and zenlike polar bear