TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

Back-to-school fashion at bargain prices

Does your kid want to start the year off with some fresh threads? Style expert Jenn Falik shares some secrets for finding favorite fall looks at the lowest prices.

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>>> we are back now with more of our special series, back to school today, bargain bonanza. it's all about fashion. jen has the secret for the freshest looks at the lowest prices. good morning to you.

>> good morning.

>> people have to move on the deals, right?

>> a lot of them start today . some go through the weekend but many do not. get on them quickly because back to school is here. time to dress well.

>> let's do basics. top of the list has to be jeans.

>> old navy, $12. essential, timeless, everyone needs to have it. and really great patterns. these deals are valid online. go and stock up, $12.

>> hoodies are a great staple. especially going to fall it's getting colder. we feel the chill in the air. tell us what you found.

>> these are from carters. i love the hoodies they have this season. you can go sporty, something like this or there's sweet ones.

>> the polka dots are cute.

>> i love the polka dots . they're a big trend. 50% off. some start around $10. great layering piece.

>> word on the street is the trend is the graphic t. tell us about that.

>> it's really big. k-mart has hundreds of styles. all of this is $4 a top. this is a great deal. put one under your hoodie. love this.

>> $4 a t-shirt.

>> yes.

>> you can really stock up. next we have the cool outfits because this is where you splurge. every kid has to have their one cool outfit.

>> i wish i had this outfit when i was in this size. this is from fab the outfits are already professional styled. they're offering 50% off your first outfit purchase. typically it's 39.95. half price for three mix and match pieces. the outfit comes as it is.

>> some people get to choose what to wear. other kids have uniforms. this can get expensive, especially if you want to stock up on the basics.

>> they can get expensive. you don't want to spend a lot on them. you're wearing them to school and that's it's. children's place has 50% off their uniform essentials. the collared shirts, the tie, the shoes, you can get great deals and on the weekend have fun in your nancy cool outfit.

>> shoes and kids go through shoes so fast because they're growing so fast. tell us about this.

>> they always want the hottest shoes. keds has 100 styles for 40% off. i love the neon florals and cam moes and all the biggest trends. and for boys, a shoe site has all the juniors and athletics on sell. a big trend is black activiticentsaccents. all the brands they want are 29.99.

>> great deal. are socks included.

>> no.

>> unfortunately. this is a status symbol for kids. at least in my day. the lunchbox and backpack.

>> the lunchbox and backpack. this is a brand people love. it keeps your food hot or cold for longer than most lunchboxes and they're easy to wash. has them for 30% off right now. great deal. i even like the little sandwich back there. you know, not having the smooshed sandwich. they start at 10.99.

>> is the lunchbox, the one we remember, is it out now? because these are more like lunch bags.

>> it's anything goes your preference. i love a good lunchbox. they're adorable but this is easier for a kid to throw in their backpack. everything is innovative.

>> does it keep it cool as well?

>> it will keep things cool and you're sort of stuck. it is what it is. once it's empty throw it in your backpack.

>> last but not least, backpacks. monograms are the way to go this season. pottery barn kids has an awesome selection. 20% off and free shipping on their website right now and i just love the fact that you can get a camo, you can get a polka dot . used to be it was plain and simple. now go nuts.

>> when i was 10 i would have flipped out for that backpack with the name on it and polka dots .