TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

CVS takes the title for Magna Carta of receipts

The pharmacy chain blames their “love of savings” for the insanely long receipts, which have reached new heights, according to customers who are sharing images of the monster-sized strips of paper on Twitter.

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>> magna carta of receipts. anybody been to a cvs pharmacy lately? you go in and buy a little item. let's say you go in and buy a greeting card.

>> or gum or chap stick .

>> this is the length receipt you get. people are posting imagines of their long receipts. one man wrote that his favorite part of a cvs receipt is the sports section.

>> why do they do this?

>> this is crazy. this is gum, this is the long, long receipt.

>> i got my chapstick and i got no coupon.

>> i understand the need for coupons but we're supposed to try to move to a paperless society.

>> but i love the response. our receipts are a bit long -- guess our love of savings got in the way.

>> yeah.

>> they're going to shorten the receipts.

>> that's what is trending today.