TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

Swoon? Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy statue tours Britain

A 12-foot statue of Colin Firth in his role as Mr. Darcy in the film adaptation of “Pride and Prejudice” is touring Britain for a promotion of the new Drama Channel.

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>> rather unusual statue honoring a famous literary character and it's been making it's way around britain. keir simmons has the story. good morning.

>> hey, savannah, good morning everyone. people are flock here not just because it's historic but for another reason. let me give you clues from the gift shop . do you recognize this guy? and how about this mug? i love mr. darcy . it's because colin firth was here filming once and you're not going to believe what you see next.

>> reporter: he is the smoldering hero in one of the most romantic scenes of all time. colin firth as mr. darcy in pride and prejudice .

>> we don't have colin firth today so it's me, sorry. but what's that over there? in the lake is, prepare yourself, a giant statue of colin firth as mr. darcy . the arrogant aristocrat whose world turns upside down when he falls in love with elizabeth bennett .

>> it's a promotion for a new tv drama channel.

>> it's mr. darcy coming out of the water. it's what makes the ladies swoon.

>> reporter: but now it's at the very grounds where mr. darcy was filmed. it was in the epic 1995 pride and prejudice .

>> we had people come to see mr. darcy .

>> reporter: the grounds have a rich history given by king edward iii , a thanks for serving the black prince in battle. but for many, this is a pilgrimage to mr. darcy 's home. you can walk where he walked, breathed the air he breathed. this is where he pursues elizabeth and begs her to leave.

>> miss bennett, you're not leaving.

>> and when she does leave, this is where he gazes longingly after her.

>> then the famous scene where colin firth dives into the water. that was filmed right here. what? you thought i was going to swim? let's be honest. it's not the truest likeness you have ever seen, but at 12 foot high and made of fiberglass, this is as close to colin firth as most of us are ever going to get. and it turns out this is unique for another reason, savannah. in the original drama colin firth never actually walks out of the water like this. you just see him in a wet shirt.

>> well, he does in my dreams keir. anyway, you look smooth on the lake but you had a little trouble on the boat during the shoot. there's video of that. want to share?

>> you have that video, right? you see the truth is the camera man brian and got on the water and rerealized we were so heavy the boat wouldn't float. we came close to sinking at some moments and then we had to be pulled back -- pulled back to the bank. at one point brian said to me i thought you english guys were supposed to be good in boats.

>> that would be brian , one of our great video gragraphers. i wish you could have been here and watched them react to this whole story.

>> mr. darcy .

>> darling.

>> right.

>> keir, i guess you're a close enough substitute.

>> only if you get in the water.

>> you're right there.