TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

Psychologist: Marriage breaks can be good for couples

Clinical psychologist Judith Sills says that time apart during a tumultuous period in a marriage can be a good thing, providing couples enough space to contemplate their relationships.

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>> temporary separation ultimately be constructive for a marriage.

>> divorce is a nuclear option. separation can do three positive things. first of all, it's time-out from the horrible tension. it interrupts the cycle. gives me a chance to step back and reflect and answer and start liking you a little bit again, remembering the friendship. and third of all since i'm not looking at you and you're not irritating me so much i have a chance to look at mirror and see what hi to do with the problems.

>> if you're thinking about doing this, it has to be a mutual decision. it's a decision. it's not storming out in anger. where are we going to go? what about the kids.

>> it is not a time to date others.

>> not only needless to say, you are not going over to your girlfriend. we are married and working on it and staying married. number three, we're communicating. we're talking to each other. maybe we're dating, but we in contact. number four, confidentiality. people know we're separated but everybody doesn't have to know why because they're going to remember when we are together.

>> don't dish to your friends. the friends always remember long after you have forgottenforgotten.

>> so does your mother.

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