TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

People: Zeta-Jones, Douglas taking break from marriage

People magazine reports that after 13 years of marriage, actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are spending some time apart.

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>> meantime, there is word this morning that one of hollywood's power couples is taking a break from their marriage. mara has details on that. good morning.

>> good morning. michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones have been married 13 years and have two children together but now they're spending time apart.

>> all that sport power. michael douglas and catherine zeta-jones seemed perfectly capped as an a-list power couple but now people magazine reports the couple is taking a break.

>> they have been taking vacations solo. he was on vacation in canada with the kids just last month. catherine wasn't there. we haven't seen them together in months.

>> michael douglas , wall street .

>> hard to believe from a couple that captured the world's attention. the older leading man and the rising starlet. their work on the big screen earned each of them an oscar but the last few years have been tough on the marriage. in april 2010 , douglas 's son from an earlier marriage was sent to prison for tealing drugs. months later douglas was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer . the star underwent intense treatment and a year later he was cancer free. douglas told matt how the health scare gave him a new perspective.

>> all of a sudden the affection from my family, my friends, and from my fans hit me at a much deeper level than i would have ever have imagined before.

>> but it was a drain on his wife, zeta- jones that sought treatment for bipolar disorder. last summer she opened up here on today.

>> you get hit by that, sideswiped by that in a way. all the underlying issues you have come out. they came out rather publicly.

>> now a new painful chapter may play out publicly as well.

>> it's unclear what's going to happen with their relationship. right now the lawyers have not been called from what we know. they haven't sought legal separation or divorce. they're just taking time away from each other.

>> now, according to people the couple hasn't been photographed together since april. we reached out to them from come mebt but have yet to hear back.