TODAY   |  August 28, 2013

United States reportedly on the verge of military action in Syria

The United Nations has resumed its visits to sites outside Damascus, but is asking for more time before action is taken. The U.S. and several other allies seem to be on the verge of military preparations, which is causing nations like Iraq to fear retaliatory response. NBC’s Richard Engel reports from Antakya, Turkey.

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>>> good morning. the u.s. and it's allies are on the verge of military action in syria despite new pleas by the head of the united nations to give diplomacy a chance. richard engle joins us near the syrian border. richard, good morning.

>> good morning tamron. u.n. investigators resumed their work after a 24 hour delay visiting sites outside damascus where u.s. officials are convinced that the syrian regime of bashar al assad used chemical weapons on a massive scale. the u.n. is asking for more time to complete it's work but the u.s. and allies are making preparation for what, at this point, is a likely military attack on limited syrian targets. iran says if that attack takes place, it will send the region into chaos and israel is very worried that it could see retaliatory action from iran or syria or hezbollah and today it is putting all of it's missile defense systems on high alert, tamron.